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    High-precision Pcba Router Machine, which is used in smart phones Pcba Router Machine, smart wear Pcba Router Machine, smart home Pcba Router Machine, tablet computers, automotive electronics,medical devices Pcba Router Machine, aerospace Pcba Router Machine, Pcba Router Machine military and other fields. YSVC-650切割机特点 A 小应力的完美解决方案 高速主轴可以实现无邮标孔切割,元器件离切割路径可以达到0.5mm B 先进的图像处理软件和简洁明了的图标及扫描功能 高清CCD摄像机,简易编程 切割路径是通过简单地单击windows电脑屏幕,以最短的时间实现编程 简易的操作软件。 C 自动CCD相机补偿 CCD摄像机读取MARK自动补偿切割路径的相对偏差 D 高速x , y和z轴伺服电机 减少了等待时间,提高了生产效率 E 智能铣刀模式 智能模式能大幅减少铣刀的使用量 F 高效的编程方式 简易灵活的编程方式 编程精确到10微米 编程弧,圆轻松实现 Windows文件方便存储 不同机型程序通用 实时显示切割模式和X / Y轴坐标

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Automatic PCB Router Machine - YSVC-600


YSVC-650-Pcba Router Machine-Pcba Router Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on

Host + dust collector weight

800 KG

Machine size:


Cutting accuracy:


Splitting stress value:

below 300uε

Dust collector power

3HP (option 5HP)

NSK spindle speed:


CCD camera calibration accuracy:


Dust collection cabinet size:


X-Y AC Servo speed:


Tool diameter:


X-Y repeatability:


Unilateral working size:

290mm X 350mm

Four-axis servo drive:

X, Y1, Y2, Z

Z AC Servo Speed:


PCB board cutting thickness:


1. Automatic PCB Router Machine adopts High-speed NSK spindle to cut and Depaneling, which greatly reduces the Cutting stress, has high precision, small inertia and fast response. 

2. Grating safety facilities are installed in the PCB pick-and-place area of the double Y-axis worktable to avoid manual misoperation and meet public safety requirements.

3.The window operation interface is friendly to switch between Chinese and English, and the window operation interface is shown in the figure. The editing program is simple and can quickly complete the multi-point program.

4.Multi-layer management authority of software users to prevent misuse and other behaviors.

5.Automatic PCB Router Machine The vacuuming under the fully adopts a sealed design, and the suction port adopts a 45-degree oblique angle to reduce the eddy current generated by the dust inside.

6. The upper vacuuming structure (optional) adopts electrostatic brush to seal the cutting point, and independently vacuums the single cutting point, which greatly improves the vacuuming effect.

7.The milling cutter detection system adopts a photoelectric sensor to monitor the milling cutter status in real time, effectively preventing the phenomenon of continuing operation after the cutter is broken.

8.The software sets the milling cutter segmentation function, automatically lowers the cutter compensation, prolongs the service life of the milling cutter and reduces the cost.

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