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YUSH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturing automation equipment manufacturers mainly automatic soldering,Automatic soldering Robot , Automatic Glue dispensing equipment , Glue Dispenser Machine,automatic hot Bar SolderIng Machine , Pulse Heat Machine,Automatic Screw Locking Machine,desktop Automatic Glue Dispenser Machine , automatic depaneling Routers and other electronic automation equipment production and sales for the main business. At the beginning of its establishment, YUSH realized the importance of the entire electronic process solution in the field of electronic production with forward-looking vision. Therefore, the company's main business was set in the field of providing complete electronic process solution for customers , To provide electronic automated production equipment and various series of adhesive products.


In order to better provide customers with complete electronic process solutions and quality services, the company special in the state-level high-tech development zone - shenzhen set up research and development centers, specializing in providing customers with electronic adhesive products development. And with the relevant industry to establish a mutually beneficial, long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations, in order to promptly provide customers with efficient, high quality and stable service has laid a good foundation.

Company products close to serve: the electrical and electronic industries (washing machines, refrigerators, motors, inductors, power supply, etc.); optoelectronics industry (LCD, LED, optical connectors, optical lenses, etc.); lighting industry (LED modules, HID, ); Mobile phones and computers and accessories industry; solar energy industry (solar panel sealing, junction box sealing, potting, etc.); handicraft industry (handicraft manufacturing, glass furniture, etc.); medical industry (disposable syringes assembly, catheter bonding, etc.) Automotive industry (car seals, windshield seals, etc.). And for various industries to provide customized personalized service.


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