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Full Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machine GSK

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Functions and Features

1.Overall perception

YUSH with excellent information acquisition capabilities can use temperature and humidity detection &camera scan code functions. allowing you to have absolute control over various information such as the production process environment and product materials.

2.Intelligent processing
As for the necessary equipment parameter debugging during the production process,YUSH provides you with the online function of SPI according to the monitoring status of the equipment so that the equipment engineers can "free their hands" and realize the intelligent control of material replacement and printing quality.

3.Ultimate experience

The brand-new advanced UI software interface redefines the convenience and intelligence of software operations allowing you to get an efficient and reasonable experience in the experience of manufacturing process and line change.When the equipment enters the production state, the advanced Ul integrates all necessary The information,open to the output interface, allows you to see the SOP information of the equipment at a glance only by visually reading the status, and the easy-to-understand and easy to-operate Chinese and English system is equipped with a global service system, so that the equipment is easy to use. Without boundaries.

4.Capacity output
The greater the output of high-quality production capacity, the higher the profit a company can obtain.With this as a quide,with the capability of interconnection of everything-private customization YUSH-BTB infinite compatibility: two into one and one into two Flexible the same time,the YUSH-HTH mode formed by the software expansion of the single-to-single mode can help customers use this mode to achieve the demand for increasing production capacity when the online body space is insufficient.On the other hand,It is like the V8 with the"track mode" turned on, and with BTB&HTH there is no pressure for you in the high-efficiency and high-quality delivery.

5.Traceability System
The newly upgraded optical system not only maintains good mark recognition ability, but also perfectly adapts to the traceability requirements required by the current intelligent line,maximizing the utilization rate of the equipment, and allowing you to get the best experience with the minimum investment.

6.Private order
According to your needs,the standard version of Industry4.0 with a"private customized" experience can enable you to obtain the ultimate experience for
equipment process parameters personnel debugging information,
material monitoring and information capture,and truly realize the output link The ability of real-time control and full traceability of produced data will
spare no effort for you to realizethe needsofindustrialintelligence.

Machine Performance
Repeat Position Accuracy +12.5um@6σCPK≥2.0
Print Accuracy +22um@6σCPK≥2.0
NCP-CT(excluding cleaning and printing) 7s
HCP-CT(including cleaning and printing) 18s/pcs
Process CT 4min
Transversal CT 2min
Substrate processing parameter
Maximum board size 400*340mmExpandable :530*340mm(option)
Minimum board size 50*50mm
Board thickness 0.4~6mm
Camera Mechanical range 528*340mm
Maximum board weight 4kg
board edge clearance 2.5mm
Board height 15mm Over top pin
Transport speed 900±40mm
(Max) Transport speed Segmented control,1500mm/s(Max)
Transport direction One stage transport rail
Transmission direction Left to right
Right to Left
In and out the same
Support System Magnetic Pin
Support Block
Manual Up-down table
Board clamp Manual the top clamping
Side clamping
Printing Parameters
Print Speed 10~200mm/sec
Print Pressure 0.5~10Kg
Print Mode Single or double scraper printing
Queegee Type Rubber/Squeegee Blade(angle45/55/60)
Snap-off 0~20mm
Snap-Speed 0~20mm/sec
The template frame size 470*370mm~737*737mm(Thickness:20-40mm)
Positioning mode of steel mesh Automatic Y-direction positioning
Cleaning Parameters
Cleaning System Dry,Wet Vacuum three modes
High speed cleaning Integrated & weave cleaning
Cleaning system Side spray type
Cleaning stroke Automatic generation
Cleaning position Post cleaning
Cleaning Speed 10-200mm/sec
Cleaning fluid consumption Auto & Manually adjustable
Cleaning paper consumption Auto & Manually adjustable
Vision Parameters
CCD FOV 10*8mm
Camera type 130 Thousand CCD Digital camera
Camera System Lock up/down optics structure
Camera Cycle time 150ms
Fiducial marktypes Standard Fiducial Mark Shape
Pad and profile
Mark size 0.3-6mm
Mark number Max: 4pCS
Stay away number Max: 1pcs
Machine parameter
Power Source AC:220+10%,50/60Hz 2.2KW
Air Pressure 4~6Kgf/cm2
Air Consumption About 5L/min
Operating Temperature -20℃~+45℃
Working environment humidity 30%~60%
Machine dimension(without Tower light) 1460mm
Machine Length X direction 1150mm
Machine Width Y direction 1380mm
Machine Weight Approx Approx:900Kg
Equipment load bearing requirements 650Kg/㎡

The information contained in this manual contains general descriptions and performance characteristics that may be inconsistent or may change with the development of technology.Specific performance characteristics and functions are binding only when an agreement is reached

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