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Full Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machine GT mini

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Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer

In the fields of high-precision printing,high-quality pursuit,and high-efficiency production equipment capabilities determine the stability of printing quality and output efficiency and GT mini is your best choice.

In the new printing scheme of GTmini,with the unique dual-track module,you can obtain high-efficiency UPH output, and the flexible matching scheme can also be corverted from HTH mode to single-track mode at any time,allowing you to have a return on investment Full of confidence.

At the same time, GTmini is one,so you don't have to worry about the footprint of printing equipment,because GTmini has a 2:1 ratio of equipment wiring advantages in the unit footprint of traditional printing equipment,which is a real unit footprint. Program implementers with higher area output.

The GTmini, which has high-demand assembly technology can also allow you to experience better human-computer interaction the "self-awareness function' with excellent capabilities and the "self-spot"that exceeds the industry's ability when ensuring the accuracy of the first-tier equipment"Check function,let GTmini debut in the traditional equipment is the pinnacle.

At the same time, GTmini's dosed-loop system such as:solder paste residual detection & automatic tin addition real-time pressure closed-loop, steel mesh adsorption and other functions, not only consolidate printing stability, but also reduce manual operations for you and improve efficiency And reduce costs.

On the basis of focusing on equipment capabilities GKG is more"customer centric"With the support of YUSH process team experts, you can experience private customized service plans,including:installation,commissioning,training.maintenance, etc. and will also focus on Your pain point,provide you with the whole line of operation, product process technology and other programs.

Choose GTmini, you immediately have the world's top printing solutions and service solutions team,to escort your EMS journey,win-win future.

High-precision Printing / High-quality Pursuit / High-efficiency Production

GT mini insists on being market-oriented, keeping the wind that leads the design front, and developing the HTH model vertically.The two-in-one GTmini covers an area of only: 1500mmx1500mmx1240mm,and the same-side layout design allows you to be on the production line. Get a good experience in layout and operation convenience.

Vertically / HTH Model / Two-In-One

Equipment Modules


The dual-track mode of GTmini allows you to worry about the site and is also excellent in product handling,because 2/3/4-track can be arbitrarily translated and adjusted. Not only is the setting simple, but also the accuracy is very reliable.


The 1.3 million pixel,FOV:10*8m digital camera standard on GTmini can not only read Barcode through the CSF system, but also obtain accurate coordinate values within the interval of milliseconds.

At the same time,GTmini's monitoring system can also monitor the parallelism of the track transmission module in real time and after equipment maintenance,GTmini's unique "self-inspection function''can perform inspection on all modules of the equipment,reducing and reducing man-made for you Error factors for maintenance and calibration.


The GTmini platform is based on a very stable frame design.With super torsional stiffness and vibration resistance, as well as the precision drive modules and high-precision transmission modules it equips, it lays the foundation for the continuous use of equipment.

At the same time, the unique "position detection" function can ensure the real-time consistency of the lifting position of the equipment every time, so that your quality printing is fully guaranteed,and details are controlled and considered for you from the root cause.


GTmini's scraper module adopts the basic settings of pneumatic + screw direct transmission,re-optimizes the calibration capability,adjusts the pressure fluctuation to CTcompression to40ms and the pressure accuracy is guaranteed to be+0.2kg,realizing real-time calibration and ensuring Constant pressure and data upload function lay a solid foundation for quality printing.


The YUSH process expert team knows that the cleaning of the steel mesh hole wall is crucial to the printing quality, so GTmini has spared no effort in setting the steel mesh cleaning link.

Based on the brand-new and optimized Saigang rubber strip the unigue "Hurricane Eye''cleaning system maintains 99.6% of the residual tin powder in the hole wall under the consistent multiple cleaning modes. It is equipped with integrated cleaning (dry Wipe, wet wipe, vacuum),can achieve a quick and thorough cleaning effect.

And based on the convenience of customers, the thoroughly pre-installed cleaning structure is equipped with an explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant alcohol pot weighing structure. Under the premise of maintenance, it can also realize the detection and warning of the amount of deaning paper and cleaning liquid,so as to achieve Cleaning paper control and data analysis.

Under the above novel and attentive function settings,GTmini's unique quick-change structure, after your cleaning paper is exhausted can complete the paper replacement within 8 seconds, leaving you more time for quality output.


GTmini's scraper module adopts the basic settings of pneumatic + screw direct transmission,re-optimizes the calibration capability,adjusts the pressure fluctuation to CT compression to 40ms, and the pressure accuracy is guaranteed to be±0.2kg,realizing real-time calibration and ensuring Constant pressure and data upload function lay a solid foundation for quality printing.

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